My Parent’s Ongoing Rennovation

We have been renovating my parents home for way too many years.  They have a pretty cape cod style home that was built in the early 80’s. Two levels make up approximately 4,000 square feet. There is also a half basement and crawl space.

Bit by bit we chip away at our list as time, finances and day to day stuff dictates the progress. We live in constant change and disarray but somehow we make it work. If an ongoing renovation is all this family has to deal with then I think we are pretty fortunate.

Effective January 9 I will be putting in at least one hour a day on this gimonstrous undertaking.  I will post pictures on this date to show my lack of progress on this pretty house.  If I break it down in to bit and pieces and things I can do in an hour, these hours will start to show some improvement in this battle of the renno.  Stay tuned. xoxoxo