Kindness of Strangers 07th March

Such a wonderful day today.

I want to publicly say thank you to this lovely gentleman seated on the right at Ogden Point Cafe and to his friends.

Nevaeh would not sit with my family and I as a friend joined our table that she did not recognize. She chose to sit at her own table. In case some of you don’t know my daughter, Nevaeh has Downs Syndrome and is extremely shy. This kind gentleman asked if his party of five could join her. I said sure give it a try. He said that if their joining Nevaeh caused her to leave the table that that they would move elsewhere. She was there first.

This lovely gentleman sat across from her and some how he knew not to look at Nevaeh or talk to her. She looked up at him and then continued to play on her ipad. Eventually his friends joined the table. I was waiting for her to crawl under the table or make a run for it.

To our amazement, there she sat with these five kind strangers for the duration of our breakfasts.

What a wonderful world this can be.


Would love to hear your thoughts on this post.

4 responses to “Kindness of Strangers”

  1. Suzanne Blair says:

    Love this story. Your daughter is adorable.

  2. Mary Williams says:

    My son is 43 and is mildly intellectually disabled. Noah drives and just got married.

    Our organization DIGS ROME works to provide housing for the disabled and provides many leisure activities.

    I was z special Ed teacher for 9 years. I taught children with EMOTIONAL AND BEHavioral disorders.

    Then I was an assistant principal . All of this was at the elementary level. I’ve been retired 5 years

    We are temporarily living in Hawai’i until November 9. We are actually from Rome, Georgia

    DIGS ROME makes garden art and shows at 5 arts and crafts shows a year. This is one of our fundraisers.

    God Bless you and your daughter. It is our road and it is every minute of every day.

    So many gun and funny moments occur. Incredibly BLESSED.

    I am so sorry to hear about your cancer struggle. I hope you are getting well.

    2 people I know personally here in Hawai’i, used tincture of marijuana. One still had chemo. The other did not.

    They each report an extreme shrinkage of the tumors. Each doctor was amazed, to say the least.

    That’s enough for now

    • Hi Mary. This was a comment from quite some time ago and I am just going through some I missed. Thank you so much. I hope life is very good for you. My new site will be up in the next few days so please come and visit me. Thank you for your kind words.


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